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Cafe CB200

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Update(11/30/06): I have decided to move the site to here:

I just bought this bike for 300 bucks and plan turning it into a cafe racer

I have big plans for this bike but this is not going to be resto its going to be a rebuild. I plan on making a custom seat and front fairing and I have big ideas for the lights and other electrical acsecories  

There is a catch though, this is the first bike I have ever owned or even worked on.  I'm sort of in the dark here but I'm decent with a wrench and hope I won't mess this thing up to much. I have also joined the forum at under the name cafecb200 so I will be able to find help when I need it.  

I plan on adding to the site as I work on the bike and do some how to pages as well. So put me on your favorites list and come on back sometime. 

My 1976 Honda CB200T